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2020 NM State Football Games Ranked by "Winnability"

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

There's excitement buzzing around the NM State Football program--the reason? A much more favorable schedule than the gauntlet we were put through last year. 'Tis the life as an Independent football program (who don't need no man). We're ranking this year's schedule by "winnability"--meaning 1-12 from least likely to win to most. Tell us what you think!

12. @ Florida    

Need we say more? Good news is this is the last game of the season; hopefully we've locked up bowl eligibility by then. (EDIT: now off the schedule)

11. @ UCLA

Tough bookends to the season but gotta pay the bills. Loved the fight we saw from the Aggies the last time they visited the Rose Bowl, and this Bruins team is nowhere in the same atmosphere as that team was led by pro QB, Brett Hundley. (EDIT: now off the schedule)

10. @ Hawaii 

Going to the island is "tough" for any team; playing a 10-win Hawaii team from a season ago is even tougher.

9. Louisiana

NM State has a chance to take it to our former conference mates for homecoming but this will be a tall (hopefully whiskey) task. The Rajin' Cajuns bring the SBC's tope recruiting class of 2020.

8. @ Fresno State

Fresno State seems to have weathered a national decline in attendance well--touting 30k+ average in 2019, trailing only Boise State in the MW. That's a sellout for every game if they play in AMS, Aggie fans. Our point is this will be a tough place to play too. Good news is the outlook is much better from here on out.

7. @ UAB

UAB has played inspired football since its program was restored a couple years ago. We'd call this a tossup if the game were in Cruces but with the Blazers hosting, this one leans their way.

6. Texas State

Who remembers the blowout loss to the Bobcats for the final game of WAC football ever? Low point in Aggie football history? This is the first game on this list that we expect the Ags to win.

5. Loobs

Our younger siblings to the north come to town with a new coach but more talent than years past. Should be a battle--one the Ags win.

4. Minors

The Minors are perpetually "rebuilding" but they'll definitely be looking for revenge from a recently one-sided rivalry.

3. @Umass

While this one is across the country, Mass is ranked dead last in the 2020 Massey ratings amongst FBS teams; the 4th on the schedule ranked lower than the Ags (including FCS, Texas Southern).

2. Akron

Potentially one of only 2 games on the schedule we expect the Aggies to be favorites.

1. Texas Southern

Take care of business and put on a show for the home crowd. (EDIT: now off the schedule)

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1 Comment

Jul 09, 2020

6 wins would be nice. Seems crazy to say I could see two NMSU bowl games in my lifetime.

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