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All-Decade Team

Early on in quarantine, Twitter was ripe with discussions of "All-(insert the blank)" teams. We're here to aggregate those convos and settle the score once and for all. It's time to announce the 2010-2020 all-decade NM State basketball team! Each D1 team is allotted 13 scholarships, so we're going with the 13 best players from 2010-2020.

Honorable mentions: Banda Sy, Chili Nephawe, Eli Chuha, Braxton Huggins.

13 - Johnny McCants

12 - Hernst Laroche

11 - AJ Harris

10 - Ian Baker

9 - Daniel Mullings

8 - Wendell McKines

7 - Troy Gillenwater

6 - Sim Bhullar

5 - Jonathan Gibson

4 - Trevelin Queen

3 - Jemerrio Jones

2 - Zach Lofton

1 - Pascal Siakam

Would this team win a national title? #Debate

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Jordan Banegas
Jul 09, 2020

You're speaking my language, Silver.zia20. Or imagine this one: Sim, Pascal, Jemerrio, Lofton, and Gib. The right question may be "do they go undefeated all season or not?"


Jul 09, 2020

If we have Braxton as a walk on, you know this team is stacked! National title run for sure. Imagine the lineups! Would kill to see Pascal, Johnny, AJ, Mullz and Jemerrio on the floor at the same time


Jordan Banegas
Jul 09, 2020

@gbermudez59, you spoke and we listened. Johnny added to the list.


Jul 09, 2020

There’s only 12 players on the list. My vote for the last spot is Johnny.


Jul 09, 2020

Not if the coach was Menzies

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