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And We're Off!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Like thousands of Aggie fans around the globe, my earliest memories were formed in the electric atmosphere of the Pan American Center. I cut my Crimson teeth on the mid-90's McCarthy era Aggies and their Big West shootouts. The early 2000's I discovered the triple-threat treat that was Tony Samuels football and was hooked. I still remember hunkering down near my family's radio to hear "NMSU" over the air and beaming with pride as if we just placed a Super Bowl ad. Billy Becher and Krystal Torres were god-like to my malleable New Mexican mind. Why am I sharing all this? Because these memories shaped who I am today; they contributed to low lows and high highs on a roller coaster that is ridden by thousands. I want to continue to ride with y'all and add a couple cars to the bandwagon.

The online NM State community is a thriving one. I hope to build upon that which those before me have constructed. I have a vision for this site that I hope to unveil to you all very soon. Largely I envision this blog covering Men's Basketball primarily, football secondarily, with some other sports sprinkled in. Thanks for visiting, for reading about my Aggie journey and for joining the family. Please sign up for updates on the homepage and don't hesitate to reach out via the "Contact" page. Thanks again and #AggieUp!

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Jul 22, 2020

Just saw a message by our Gov. Lujan Grisham that she is requesting suspension of the Fall sports for us & the lobos.


Jul 15, 2020

Concur with JT


Jul 10, 2020

Finally get recognized after not being able to post to AA. Local fan since having the Army move me to NM from OH in the late 70s. I have been reading AA for awhile.


Jordan Banegas
Jul 09, 2020

Thanks for your support, Cowboy 737, we hope to collaborate with all NM State outlets/sites. Enjoy the content--we hope to keep you entertained!


Jul 09, 2020

Thank you for providing another option for Aggie Discussion. A few on AA rubbed me the wrong way during last years NBA Finals and I vowed never to participate there again after being part of their family since 2001 or so. GO AGGIES!!!

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