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Greatest Aggie Dunkers of All-time

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

For some of us, it's why we watch the game--for that one electric moment when our favorite athletes seem to defy the very laws of gravity the rest of us are beholden to. When you don't remember jumping out of your seat but you just couldn't help but do it and you don't even mind the 1888 beer you just poured all over yourself. Aggie Nation has been privileged to see some of the best over the years, that's why we wanted to answer the question "who is the best Aggie dunker?."

Our friends at Aggie Alert fan forum got us started on this topic so we felt compelled to jump in and claim our own.

Did we stick the landing or fall short?

Honorable Mentions: Albert "Slab" Jones, James Moore, Brandon Mason, Johny McCants, Trevelin Queen, Sidy N'dir, Reggie Jordan.

5. Wendell McKines

Big Wen was primarily known as a power dunker as you can see from the and-1 stuff below, but he also had his graceful throw downs. Who remembers the windmill he finished on Boise State in 2009? There was also the between the legs masterpiece he threw down during the Crimson and White game his freshman year. Wendell was bigger than just a good dunk--his personality barely fit in the building and his swagger made it cool to be an Aggie for a generation of kids. There's no denying his place on this list nor his pillar status in Aggies Hoops history.

4. Cliff "The Blade" Reed

A power dunker like McKines, The Blade was known for his thunderous slams during the 90's NCAA tourney runs. Apparently Reed wore #42 as a hat tip to his 42" vertical(!). Our friends at AA reminded us of the breakaway reverse dunk against UCLA in the Sweet Sixteen--"Come back to earth, Mr. Reed!". Unfortunately we've scoured the internet for this and other footage of the legend's jams but to no avail. Maybe Aggie nation can help us track down some clips? (Edit: our friends at Aggie Alert found "the dunk" against UCLA. Check it out in the video here at about the 12:43 mark)

3. Daniel Mullings

This is where the list gets really crowded. One could make a perfectly legitimate argument that any of these top three deserve the crown. From before Daniel Mullings was even at NM State, Aggie nation knew they had an athletic freak on their hands. At about 6'3," Mullings looks like he's jumping off of spring for each of his ferocious dunks. Mullz gave us many memorable throw downs like the SC #7 dunk in front of a sold out Pan Am on senior night when he almost broke the rim. Arguably his best case for top dunker is that we believe he's the only Aggie to throw down a 360 dunk in a game (which you can see below).

2. Rodney "Sky" Walker

With a name like that, how does he not land high on this list? Another 90's guard that played above the rim, was known for dunks more similar to Mullings than McKines. What places Walker this high on the list is the fact that he represented NM State in the 1995 Final Four Slam Dunk Contest. Mad props for mad hops, Mr. Walker! Again, Aggie Nation, if you have access to footage of Rodney, please send our way.

1. Bandja Sy

No Aggie dunked with such grace and authority as Bandja. An athletic freak who has appeared on ESPN's top ten more than any other Aggie. What separates Bandja from the rest of the crowd is his length paired with his athleticism combining to create a truly NBA level throw down. A 7'+ wingspan and 6'8" stature didn't hold him back from taking flight as the quiet Frenchman humiliated opponent after opponent. #RIP Utah State guy.

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