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Greatest Aggies of All-time: Small Forwards

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

We continue our series on all-time Aggie greats with small forwards! In case you missed our point guard and shooting guard rankings, be sure to check them out.

Are we way off? Spot on? Let us know who made it on your list!

10. Brandon Mason

A bit undersized to be considered a SF but when you play alongside the school's all-time leading scorer in Channing, you figure out ways to get on the court. Mason was an above average leaper and yet another Chicago kid who spent years behind the Aggie bench under Menzies and Weir.

9. Thomas Wyatt 

The second Utah Ute transfer on this list, Wyatt played a significant role in the 90's NCAA tournament streak and exemplified the toughness that McCarthy teams played with.

8. Bandja Sy

The greatest Aggie dunker of all-time? Another question for another blog. We know Bandja would be considered a PF by many and played that position often but his style of play lands him on our SF list.

7. Cliff "The Blade" Reed

With a nickname like that, how do you not add him to your list? Reed was known for his powerful dunks and above the rim play.

6. Gilbert Wilburn

1984 first-team all-Big West member could light it up as he averaged 20.5 ppg during his two year tenure.

5. Chito Reyes

We can't emphasize enough how stacked the 1970 Final Four team was at all positions. Chito was considered a "project" by some, one that worked out as he played a significant bench role on our program's greatest team.

4. Rodney "Sky" Walker

Also a bit undersized to be considered a SF but made up for it in leaping ability. Bet you couldn't have guessed that from the nickname. Additionally, Walker was all district first team in 1995--a feat that fewer than a dozen Aggies have accomplished.

3. Trevelin Queen

One of the most electric wing players we've seen wear the crimson and white. Who can forget him taking over the WAC championship game in Vegas? His dunk sequence against CBU last year (below) may be the greatest of all-time in the Pan Am. We're hoping Trev is also the first on this SF list to get drafted. If you haven't already, check out Justin Martinez's interview with him just released this week.

2. Jaime Peña 

The Chicano sharp shooter who was not only first-team all-Missouri Valley conference but also all-district in 1982. Plus, at 6-7, is he not the tallest Latino Aggie who gives all of us fellow Hispanics hope?

1. Justin Hawkins

"J-Hawk's winning!" chants will never be forgotten as Hawkins casually outscored the Aggies' opponent in the first half. For the star that Reggie Theus was on the sidelines, J-Hawk was the on-court star that matched accordingly. After a wildly successful career in Europe and the G-League, Hawk has chosen to settle down right back in the City of the Crosses and can now be heard on the airwaves alongside Jack Nixon for radio broadcasts of NM State basketball games. Hawk also opened Hawk's Hoops Academy in Cruces, a school for aspiring hoopers, helping them succeed on and off the court. One last thing, his breakaway dunk on Fazekas and #13 Nevada in '07 was still possibly the loudest we've heard the PanAm this millennium.

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2 commentaires

Jordan Banegas
17 juil. 2020

Couldn't have said it any better, silver.zia. Hawk was the star Aggie basketball needed for a revival. Great that he's fallen in love with the community that fell in love with him.


16 juil. 2020

Hawk was so important to the rejuvenation of Aggie Hoops. He made an immediate impact and just won, period. It’s so great to see him giving back to the Las Cruces community after his pro career.

B-Mase an all-time fav!

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