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Greatest Rebounders of All-time

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

For the past three decades and arguably longer, defense and rebounding have defined the Aggies' style of play. NM State often ranks high in offensive and defensive rebounding percentages nationally as it’s been a priority for each coaching staff dating back to the McCarthy and Henson days. Some made it happen with sheer size while others just had a nose for the ball and would not be denied. We already decided the greatest shooter of all-time, now we’re continuing our skills series to break down the best rebounders over the years and ranking the top five.

Honorable Mentions: Charles Gosa, Chili Nephawe, Sim Bhullar, Tracy Ware, Billy Joe Price, Jim Bostic, Chris Jackson.

George Knighton (1960-62)

Fourth all-time in total rebounds and second in career average rebounds at 11.5 per game.

Albert “Slab” Jones (1977-80)

Slab was just 49 rebounds shy of joining the 1,000 club and when he graduated was the school's leading scorer. At only 6’7,” (not counting his hair), he was a force on the boards.

Jemerrio Jones (2016-18)

I’m not the first to make the comparison and I won’t be the last; Jemerrio Jones has Rodman-like rebounding abilities. Jemerrio acknowledges that he doesn’t “box out” but is just crafty enough to get by opponents to snag the board. Perhaps the best way to describe JJ’s ability is in his own words: “I just want the ball more.” To Rodman and Jemerrio, rebounding is a science, one that only they understand. Just listen to Dennis try to explain how he does it:

Wendell McKines (2007-10)

The second member of the 1,000 rebound club Wendell had a nose for the ball and a motor that wouldn’t quit. Don’t forget his iconic quote on the matter: “Rebounding is a comma on offense and a period on defense.”

Sam Lacey (1968-70)

Out of the top four best rebounding seasons by an Aggie in history, Sam Lacey claims three of them. The man averaged 14.2(!) rebounds per game throughout his masterful career. He didn’t stop there either as he went on to nearly average a double double (10.3 pts, 9.7 reb) over his thirteen year NBA career.

I’ll put these five against the best of them.

Stay tuned as we continue our series with the greatest defenders and shot blockers of all-time!

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