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Greatest Shot Blocker of All-time

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

One of the best parts about sitting in the Pan Am’s student section is the occasional swatted shot that makes its way three rows deep into the stands. Those of you who watched Roland Grant, Sam Lacey, Sim Bhullar and others know what I’m talking about. But who amongst them are the best to do it? Who swatted the most and the furthest as they defended the rim for our Aggies? We set out to answer just that and crown the “Greatest Aggie Shot Blocker of All-time!”

Honorable Mentions:Martin Iti, Johnny Roberson (father of OKC Thunder star, André Roberson), Sam Lacey

5. Charles Gosa 

The third Henson recruit on this list, Gosa was a force down low, landing #4 on the all-time blocked shots list.

4. Albert Slab Jones

Doesn’t he just sound like a shot blocker? I know I wouldn’t want to try to shoot it anywhere near him. Slab could do it all, not only #2 on the all-time scoring list but #3 on the all-time blocks list.

3. Roland “Tree” Grant

Before Sim Bhullar, the single season blocked shot record belonged to this man and his 58 swats. Had he been an Aggie for more than two years, he’d likely be #2 on the all-time list.

2. James Moore

The uber athletic power forward and only all-American on this list, James used every bit of his 6’8” frame and even longer wingspan to protect the cup. Only Sim averaged more than Moore’s 50 blocks per year. Does anyone remember the size of this guy’s hands? They were like Kawhi level. Moore went on to have a successful career largely in South America.

1. Sim Bhullar

The big man from Canada redefined shot blocking at NM State and re-wrote the record books in the process. In his two years at NM State, Sim shattered the single season blocked shot record--twice. As a frosh, Sim swatted 85 shots, smashing the previous record by nearly thirty blocks. He followed that up his sophomore year with a virtuoso performance of 101 blocked shots. To put things into perspective, David Robinson owns the single-season NCAA record with 207.

Who are some Aggies on today’s roster who could make their way up this list?

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