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Most Hated Aggie Opponent

There’s a reason opponents fear stepping foot on the Pan Am floor, 12,482 reasons to be exact. Somehow we all get the memo to give hell to the same guy on the court, making him wish he’d never stepped foot in our southwestern basketball mecca. Out of all of these poor souls, who is the most hated? Who might you still “boo” if you saw them walking down the street? We set out to name the most hated man in Pan Am history and couldn't decide on top ten so you get eleven! Did we get it right? Who do you spend time heckling in your dreams?

Honorable Mention: Hugh Greenwood - UNM

11. Nick Fazekas - Nevada

Nick fell short in his last matchup with the Aggies in the Pan Am as his #13 Nevada Wollfpack fell to the Theus-led Aggies. Fazekas had the honor of returning to the Pan Am for the Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings exhibition game that Reggie brought to town once he was hired as head coach in Sacramento. Aggie Nation welcomed “Fa-suck-a**” back to the PAC with a chorus of boos each time he touched the ball.

10. Randy Culpepper - UTEP

So much arrogance in such a little body. Randy Culpepper would fight in the flyweight division but he was a part of some heavyweight bouts between the Aggies and his Minors. His partner in crime, Stepen Jackson, nearly made this list but there’s no way little Randy could be left off. It’s tough to try to scrub the memories of him taunting the Panamanaics after squeaking out a W on our homecourt. Not a likeable guy but he sure could leap. Check out the springs from this layup line jam.

9. Tai Wesley - Utah State

Few got roasted by Aggie Nation like Wesley, and few so deserved it. Wesley will most be known for the NSFW chant he received from the student section after his nose was broken by Gillenwater and blood stained his jersey.

8. Utah State Mascot

Aggie Nation will forever stand by Pistol Pete (aka Aggie legend DJ Downs) after Pete went to finish what Big Blue started when he accepted a bet from a fan to steal Pete’s moustache.

7. Royce Olney - UNM

The local T or C, New Mexico kid who made the wrong decision to take his talents up north; Aggie Nation never let him forget it. It wasn’t only Olney’s talent that made us hate him; the man also belonged in a tool shed.

6. Kendall Williams - UNM

Another Aggie killer who only once tasted defeat at the hands of NM State. I really thought Kendall would have an NBA career based on how he used to light us up.

5. Koby Karl - Boise State

Not sure I’ve heard the Pan Am louder than when Koby Karl was called for a flagrant foul on Tyrone Nelson in the semi-finals of the 2007 WAC Tournament. Reggie stormed the court as a man on a mission defending his star as the boos rained down and chants of “Kaaaaaaarl” echoed in the rafters of the Pan Am. Such an easy guy to hate.

4. Drew Gordon - UNM

I was told by a member of Aggie Nation that Gordon is the only opponent he would “throw hands with if I saw him walking down the street.” Rivalries run deep.

3. Kenny Thomas - UNM

An Aggie killer forever known for not getting it done in the Big Dance. Thomas punished our guys down low earning the nickname “Baby Shaq.” Unlike his Lobo counterpart, Olney, Thomas seemed like a decently nice guy save the aggravated DWI that Aggie Nation may have reminded him about a time or two.

2. Jaycee Carroll - Utah State

This one is less about Carroll’s personality and more about his knack for lighting up our Aggies. Carroll still holds the record for most three pointers in a game with 10 when he dropped 44 on us in 2006. Fortunately the Crimson Aggies got the last laugh when Carroll’s three at the buzzer failed to draw iron as time expired in the WAC championship game in 2007. See Carroll’s shot at the 1:05 mark in the video below.

1. Larry Bird - Indiana State

This one ranking deserves its own blog in itself and will get one eventually. For all the opponents Aggie Nation have wanted to punch, we finally got ours in when a bit of a back and forth broke out after Bird fell into the first row of fans during one of the epic Missouri Valley Conference bouts between the Aggies and the Indiana State Sycamores. It’s fitting that the scrum involved the most prominent opponent to ever set foot in the Pan Am. Stay tuned for a future full breakdown of this historic exchange.

Who did we miss? Who do you love to hate and who’s the active player you dislike the most?

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