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  • Jordan Banegas

Top NM State Shooters of All-time

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Recently there was a discussion on Aggie Alert message boards about the greatest Aggie shooter of all-time. I figured I'd take my own stab at it here. Let us know what you think. Who did we miss? Are we way off? Or nothing but net?

5. Gordo Castillo    

Who can forget his iconic go ahead shot against Michigan State in the 2010 NCAA tournament? Corner three's were his specialty. Plus, being homegrown, gets him on the list.

4. Jonathan Gibson

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens reportedly told J-Gib in a phone convo informing him he'd been signed to another NBA contract to "get buckets." That's exactly what J-gib did during his tenure at NM State. While Gib's most iconic shot was a crafty layup as a freshman against Utah State to secure the 2007 WAC championship, he's still widely known for draining them from deep and finishing them with the "facial."

3. "Super" John Williamson                                   

Before our time but any guard who averaged 27 ppg before the 3-point line had to have a smooth stroke. "Super" lived up to his name by continuing to drain them in the NBA/ABA and is 1 of only 2 (Sam Lacey) Aggies to have a number retired (#23) by an NBA franchise (NJ/Brooklyn Nets). Some highlights here.

2. Jimmy Collins

The overall GOAT? That's another post at another time. Here we're talking shooting and Jimmy slides into the #2 spot. Again, this is tough to compare as Jimmy played in the pre-3-point era but watching him to work in the Final Four makes us confident he's right where he deserves.

1. Eric Channing

Not only #1 in scoring in Aggie history but more importantly, #1 on this list. When Channing was set, we can't think of another Aggie who could outshoot him. Legend has it during shoot around he once sank 98(!!!) of 100 3's.

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4 Kommentare

09. Juli 2020

I believe Denmark Reid (McCarthy Era) still holds the school record for most 3’s in a game when he hit 9.

Gefällt mir

Jordan Banegas
09. Juli 2020

Thanks for commenting, JT. So honored to have you here. I see we have two of the same top 5 shooters. Just curious, why leave Channing off? Dude was an assassin.

Gefällt mir

09. Juli 2020

No wrong answers here.

Many great Aggies have taken the court over the years. The Pan Am rocks compared to anywhere in the nation.

My Top 5 shooters are:

Ernest Patterson from Houston I believe. Could score in torrents.

Chuck Goslin from parts unknown. Could score from downtown while downtown still had dirt streets.

John Williamson. The OG Aggie.

Jimmy Collins. The OG OG.

Richard Robinson from Hobbs NM. These Hobbs cats know how to score in a regulation game. Nuff said.


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08. Juli 2020

Great information! I can’t wait for the seasons to start up again.

Gefällt mir
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