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  • Jordan Banegas

What's in a Name? Greatest Aggie Names of All-time.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

From "Slab" Jones to Ian "Big Shot" Baker, our Aggies' stellar play has warranted them some of the greatest nicknames--while some others were just born with a given badass name; we assess both in today's post and rank the greatest Aggie names of all-time for men's basketball!

How did we do? Who did we miss?

Honorable mentions: Mikko Noopila, "Lord" Troy Gillenwater, Billy Joe Price, Rick Fluckey.

10. "Super" John Williamson (1972-73)

9. Roland "Tree" Grant (1972-74)

8. Tshilidzi "Chili" Nephawe (2011-15)

7. Jeff McCool (1986-89)

6. Wendell McKines "Big Wen" "Mr. Wednesday" (2007-11)

5. Albert "Slab" Jones (1977-80)

4. Chito Reyes (1969-71)

3. Ian "Big Shot" Baker; "Ice" Baker (2013-17)

2. Rodney "Sky" Walker (1994-95)

1. Cliff "The Blade" Reed (1992-93)

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