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  • Jordan Banegas

Aggie Great, Siakam, Selected to All-NBA Second Team

The Aggie legend added to his trophy case Wednesday afternoon when he joined elite company on the NBA’s second team. This tremendous honor cements Pascal in the discussion of top ten players on the planet. Just think about that for a second, an NM State Aggie is one of the best players alive.

Side note before I move on: my vision for the NM State Nation blog is not to primarily report news but add commentary and produce interactive content. This news was just too big to pass up and Aggie Nation must hear about it.

Just like his time in the Crimson and White, Pascal dutifully led his defending champion Toronto Raptors to a #2 seed in the NBA playoffs, with 22.9 points per game and 7.3 rebounds. Only eight other players in the league averaged at least 22 and 7 per game(!). This accolade is awarded to a man who, two years ago was the G-League finals MVP, a year ago was named the NBA’s Most Improved Player, to this year named an all-star game starter. The trajectory that Pascal is on is unlike any others’ in the world’s premier basketball league. By being named to one of the all-NBA teams, Pascal also grows his wallet as he now has the option to expand his max contract he signed last year. One feather in Pascal’s cap sticks out amongst the rest though, and that is him being named the greatest power forward of NM State history right here by this blog…

With each passing game, and season, Pascal builds his legacy towards the greatest to ever play at NM State; time will tell if he can keep it up. One thing is certain, this kind of exposure is invaluable to NM State, on the recruiting trail and in terms of branding. In a recent roundtable with the Men’s Basketball assistant coaches hosted by Adam Young, each of them referenced Pascal as an instrumental play to elevate NM State’s program’s image to young prospects. You can listen to that roundtable below.

This is an historic day for not only one of our favorite Aggie alum but for the institution as a whole. A fantastic example of how college athletics can elevate the image of the university. All Aggies should be proud of Pascal and his accomplishments. Let’s show off that pride by all wearing our Crimson this Friday! #AggieUp

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