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Greatest Aggies of All-time: Power Forwards

We continue our series on all-time Aggie greats with the power forwards! We thought the shooting guard ranking was tough until we hit this wall of talent. Check out our previous rankings here: point guards, shooting guards, small forwards.

Are we way off? Spot on? Let us know who made it on your list!

Honorable Mentions: James Dockery, Eli Chuha

10. Daveeno Hines

In Lou Henson's words, "The best 6'7" power forward I've ever coached." Now that's saying something. That quote and the sheer size of Daveeno's deltoids land this big man on the final spot on this list.

9. Charles Gosa

Four of the players on this list are Lou Henson recruits--all of which were during his second tenure. That's saying something about Lou's eye for talent and recruiting prowess all the way through the end of his historic career. Gosa was the silky smooth rebounding machine of the Henson 2.0 era. His 1999 First Team all-Big West season led us back to the NCAA tourney for the sixth time in the 90's.

8. Tyrone Nelson

Tyrone's promising career was cut short that fateful night of the alleged pizza delivery incident, but that shouldn't take away from the forward's impressive talent. Him and Ingram made quite the highly duo and he also matched up well in the NCAA tournament with a guy you may have heard of--Kevin Durant.

7. Tracey Ware

When we think of the 90's McCarthy era, we think of hard nosed guards who wore down their opponents like Reggie Jordan and Randy Brown; Tracey Ware has something to say about that as his stellar front court play was pivotal for the 90's run. Ware is also one of only two (James Moore) all-century team members on our PF's list.

6. George Knighton

A bit before our time but there's something to be said about a big man who landed twice on the Border Conference First Team.

5. Troy Gillenwater

"Lord Troy" is arguably the second most skilled player on this list. With old man craftiness and a silky smooth touch from outside, he devoured inferior WAC opponents. We'd arguably have another NCAA tournament bid if Troy doesn't foul out of the semifinals against Tyler Newbold and the Baggies his freshman year and who can forget his performance in the Big Dance against MSU.

4. James Moore

One of only two all-Americans on this list, James was problem for any Sunbelt foe to deal with. We'll say it again--another Chicago hooper who had an incredible overseas career.

3. Wendell McKines

One of only two Aggies with 1,000 career points and 1,000 career rebounds, the other is VERY high up on our upcoming center rankings. Big Wen was not just a player but an icon for Aggie Nation. He's known for not only his electric play but for also coining the term "Aggiequerque" while his historic blog nearly broke the internet in Cruces. We're aware that both Wen and Jemerrio can't be classified as only power forwards but we thought it made most sense to rank them here.

2. Jemerrio Jones

Have you ever seen a player like Jemerrio Jones? We haven't and many stats out there say there hasn't been one like him before. With the only possible comparison to his rebounding abilities being "Rodman-like," we can't say enough about the unstoppable motor that is Jemerrio Jones. Not to mention, he's been the NCAA's and NBA's greatest interview for some time and will forever be a fan favorite in the hearts of Aggie Nation.

1. Pascal Siakam

Was there ever any question? Pascal is in a league of his own when it comes to Aggie power forwards. It's scary to think that he's just getting started. Pascal is now in an entirely different race--one to become the greatest to ever wear the crimson and white; each day, Spicy P only builds his case.

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13 sept 2020

May have needed a shout out to the power forwards who set the picks to free up scorers....Aaron Brodt, directly responsible for getting all-time leading scorer Eric Channing open so much, and Chris Hickman come to mind.

Me gusta
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