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Greatest Aggies of All-time: Centers

We conclude our series on all-time Aggie greats with the biggest finale of all--centers! Check out our previous rankings here: point guards, shooting guards, small forwards, power forwards.

Are we way off? Spot on? Let us know who made it on your list!

10. Hamidu Rahman

Who else was on the Hamidu to the NBA train after his showing against Michigan State? Hamidu may have started as a project but developed greatly during his four years here.

9. Billy Joe Price

Pre-Final Four era big man who was rail thin but still an elite scorer and rebounder.

8. Martin Iti

The Australian big man was a force down low, especially defensively, but will mostly be remembered for his thunderous one-handed jams.

7. Hatilia Passos

It seemed like Hatilia could out maneuver anyone on the block and lay it in off the glass. The Brazilian had above average hands and was a staple down low for his two year tenure.

6. Chris Jackson

The only Sun Belt era center on this list, Jackson was a rebounding machine. Unfortunately the clearest memory of Jackson was him defending Patrick Sparks as he sank the game-winning three for Western Kentucky in the conference tournament semifinals with .6 seconds left on the clock. #NeverForget

5. Chili Nephawe

Chili looked like he was sculpted out of a piece of rock by Michelangelo more than a basketball player. Though sometimes his play was frustrating as his hands never truly developed, he added 5 points at the beginning of each game simply for intimidation purposes. His one-armed man rebounds will be cemented into the long history of great Aggie rebounders.

4. Roland "Tree" Grant

Before Sim Bhullar was swatting shots into the cheap seats, Grant was the Aggie most known for protecting the rim. His 58 blocks in the 1974 season speak for themselves.

3. Sim Bhullar

The biggest man on this list and one of five NBA players, Sim needs no introduction to Aggie Nation. The single season block leader and overall force to be reckoned with down low. Got to imagine that without Sim fouling out against SDSU in the tournament, we squeak that out in overtime. Sim also made history as the first Indian man to play in the NBA--an historic feat that all Aggies should be proud of.

2. Albert "Slab" Jones

At only 6'7," Jones was a bit undersized for his position but he didn't play that way and plus, his hair gave him an extra five inches. The Aggies all-time leading scorer until being dethroned by Channing in '02, Slab was the consummate Aggie.

1. Sam Lacey

There should've been no doubt about who topped this list. The big man is in a league of his own when it comes to Aggie centers. Lacey and Big Wen are the only two Aggies with 1,000 points and 1,000 rebounds while Lacey is also in rare company with "Super" John Williamson to be the only two with retired numbers for an NBA franchise (#44 for the Sacramento Kings).

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